Building up internal ad teams

One of the first and most-agreed-upon trends discussed was that brands are going to stop relying so heavily on agencies in 2018 for media buying. Instead, participants said, marketing heads are now hiring online advertising experts to be part of the in-house team.

Trying new ad ideas

Another interesting trend was that brand marketers are looking for new content for their online advertising campaigns. Some attendees said that they will be leveraging 3rd party content in their ads, such as news articles from major publishers.

Becoming friends with legal and compliance

Part of the reason this is a trend for the coming year is that (as per #1) many brands are moving online ad buying in-house, and so the marketers themselves will be directly accountable for the ad content.

Developing a nurturing strategy

Finally, many marketers lamented that their online advertising efforts were not widely appreciated at their company. The reason for this, one admitted, was that digital lead generation rarely turned into actual sales.

Top Updates On Key Ad Networks

It can be difficult to keep up to date with all the key ad networks that digital marketers use daily. Networks are updating all the time with fresh new features and add-ons, so we’ve compiled a list of the most recent and important ad network updates that have been added or will be implemented in.

A word of thanks.!

Econsultancy would like to thank our table host clients for guiding the discussion about what marketers should expect in online advertising in 2019.

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